TriDEx 2019

What can I say but that my first TriDEx was amazing! Eve and I had a ton of fun, learned a lot and got to meet many new people and their dogs.

Welcome to TriDEx 2019!

On Friday night after a day of seminars, we had Nora’s brother, Herb, and his mom Lauri stop by on their way home to say hi. It was so good to get to sit and chat and snuggle with Herb again.

Herb getting some pets!

On Saturday morning, Melissa and Morgan decided to do the 2K-9 that was taking place. We did the Doga warmup and then headed outside to the start line! I didn’t want to wear Eve out before her stunt dog time so borrowed Morgan’s Aussie, SuperNova, for the event.

Melissa and SuperNova at the start line!

Saturday mid-morning Eve and I took to the Stunt Dog competition ring and achieved our Stunt Dog Novice title…with honors! I think I’ve finally found something that Eve enjoys doing besides conformation.

Eve and her ribbon for Stunt Dog Novice

Coming back from one of my seminars to put Eve back in her crate for a little nap time, I ended up seeing that they had weight pull right in front of our crating area. They saw me watch and they asked if the basset wanted to try it. So we joined the Weight Pull seminar and Eve even got to pull a cart. Again, I think I may have found another things she seems to like!

Saturday night we all headed back to rest up for the final day of TridEx as we had gotten the word that Cheryl and Xena had made the finals and would be performing in the main ring in front of everyone!

The highlight of my TriDEx was being able to cheer on Cheryl and Xena in the finals, competing for the National Trick Dog Champion title! They were definitely a crowd favorite and they did great representing Basset Hounds and showing what they can do.

Cheryl and Xena – TridEx 2019 Finals

Morgan and I helped Cheryl pack up her van and trailer before we headed home. We left Purina Farms around 5:15pm and I finally go home around 2:30am Monday morning. Once home and after a few hours of sleep and dropping Alex off at the airport I finished unpacking the van. I seem to have brought home a few items…

All my purchases and winnings!

Until next year!!!