Nationals 2012

Well, the week has flown by and this is my first chance to post.  As usual, it was a week of fun, laughs and learning.  This year I entered Eve in conformation and Henry in obedience and rally.

Eve placed 4th and 3rd at the two specialties in the 12-18  month bitch class but then failed to place during sweeps and nationals.  I am still very proud with how she showed this week even if she didn’t win!

Lets just say that Henry was popular this week.  He seems to captivate people, just like he did me when I first met him.  If I have him out walking the grounds people say “hi Henry”, “hey, it’s Henry”, etc.  Everyone seems to know who he is.  Monday he and I tackled the obedience ring for the first time ever.  He did everything well, except I screwed up the recall, which gave us an NQ.  Then in rally he did well all the way until the last sign…a halt sit.  Easy sign, right?!  Well, he decided that he was more interested in the photographer and didn’t want to sit.  After finally getting his attention he sat and we all cheered and quickly crossed the finish line!  He scored 95 and took 2nd place.  Tuesday we tried obedience again and we once again NQ’ed but this time he was soooooo much closer.  He did everything and came on his recall but didn’t pause enough and was going to run way past so I had to stop him.  Then in rally he ended up getting an 87 and 1st place!!!  So proud of him and best of all I think he had a fun week!

Wednesday morning Alex and I decided to take the hounds to Rhode Island.  Rhode Island is one state that neither of us have been to and being this close we figured why not be able to check it off our list!  So we packed up the hounds and headed south.  We found a beach that allowed dogs so we walked the dogs on the beach and took some pictures of the ocean.

I can’t believe that the week is almost over and we pack up and head home early early tomorrow morning!  Today is still the Best of Breed competition and then the banquet this evening.

I’ll post more results and more pics when I get a chance.